The 1st MMO & Avatars Return

In 1986 the first Avatars in a graphical MMO were premiered in Lucasfilm's Habitat.

30 years later Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (The MADE) is bringing it back for posterity as an open source project.

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Contribute Code

Despite being created in 1986 for a 64k, 1Mhz Commodore 64 computer, this project is immense. We need help with not only Java and Javascript, but also with world creation, alternate clients, documentation, development, and deployment tools.

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Rebuilding a Virtual World

Our goal is to rebuild the full Habitat experience, and we need help from developers, designers, writers, and anyone else who'd like to contribute. Come help us build something awesome!

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Restoring Digital History: The first graphical Virtual World/MMORPG




The full story will go here. For now, here's the Wikipedia page:







Code and Documentation Links

30 years of Architecture

Diagrams and explanations of how it worked then; and how it works now.

Architecture Documentation

Join the Team

It's Open Source, and we need many particular sets of skills.

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Get the code

Links to all the different code required - archival and modern.

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Read the documentation

NeoHabitat's Java and JS docs and bitwise details about the C64 client and protocol.

Developer Docs